Rattil-Dugsi offers Quran courses for all ages, both children and adults. Long-term and short courses are available suitable for busy and dedicated students, catering for all types of learners.

Rattil-Dugsi monitors the student’s progress and helps facilitate a high pace learning environment. We help students achieve quality recitation with less hassle and more provision.

Rattil-Dugsi is highly accessible using the internet platform with pre-recorded videos. A student can access material 24/7, virtually anytime they need .

We are inspired by the high demand of quality teachings, and we’re just opening a door of opportunity.

Many times we’ve sent our children to the local Madrasa (arabic school), with the lack of focus and unexpected interference we unfortunately haven’t seen much progress. This course tries to bridge the boundaries that may occur and tries to deliver quality teachings with flexible access, aiming for high achievements.

Reasons that Quran efforts haven’t been successful:

  • Overwhelming number of students and not enough teachers.
  • Lack of parents’ encouragement and support.
  • Lack of discipline and coordination.
  • Large amount of material and not enough allocated time or guidance.

We have no tolerance for individuals who are not willing or are inconsiderate. We require practical and dedicated individuals to learn and memorize the Quran.

Our goal is to build a child of the future who is confident in their religion. We need to teach the beautiful citations of Allah that was sent down to our apostle Mohammed SCW in a proper manner. Inshallah (Allah willing) we will build the leaders and teachers of tomorrow.

The characteristics we encourage are: •

  • To respect parents and guardians.
  • To contribute to the society.
  • To learn both Maadi (secular) and Islamic (religious) studies.
  • And most importantly, to respect yourself and those who are around you.


These characteristics are invoked by the Quran and when our mother Aisha (RA) was asked about prophet Mohammed’s (SCW) character and conduct she said: “His character was of the Quran”.

We reward good character and encourage the examples of the prophets and the word of Allah, so in respect to an earnest individual we give out prizes every couple of months to dedicated and accomplished students.

Rattil-Dugsi provides extensive knowledge about Allah and his messengers, good conduct of a muslim and islam in general. We focus on citations of the holy Quran and its Reciting and memorization, in parallel with Arabic and Islamic studies.



أسست مدرسة رتل دكس، لتقدم دورات قرآنية دائمة للأولاد الصغار، ودورات مؤقتة للشباب والكبار، تقوم الإدارة والمعلم بمتابعة التلميذ لمعرفة تحصليه وتقدمه وذلك باستخدام التكنولوجيا، أسست رتل دكس لما رأينا أولادنا يدرسون سنينا ولا يحصّلون شيئا لا قراءة ولا حفظا، وترجع الأسباب إلى إهمال الأستاذ متابعه تحصيل الطالب، وعدم وجود لقاءات مع أولياء الأمور، حيث صارت معظم الكتاتيب مكان لرعاية الأطفال، وهذا الجانب يرجع إلى الوالدين حيث ينتظرون من المعلم الذي يجلس مع الطفل ساعتين في الأسبوع أن يعلمه كل شيء وهذا مستحيل، مدرستنا جادة لا نقبل الأطفال الذين لا يجدون مساعدة من والديهم وذلك لقلة وقت التعليم، ولا نقبل أطفالا مشاغبين.

فالطفل إذا أهمل درسه أكثر من مرتين في الشهر يطرد من المدرسة، نريد أن نفيد مجتمعنا وذالك أن نخرج دفعات قرآنيين يعلمون الآخرين ويحترمون آباءهم، ويفتخرون بدينهم ونبيهم، أطفالا متعليمن دينيا وماديا، أطفالا يحترمون أنفسهم ويحترمون الآخرين وكل هذا يأتي من تعلم القرآن، أمنا عائشة لما سئلت عن خلق نبينا أجابت : كان خلقه القرآن.